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KJNL Dynasty Baseball League

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Salaries & Salary Cap
A) We will utilize players salaries and a salary cap in this league. When beginning the season, we will follow the salaries listed on Cot's ( in determining a players salary for the upcoming season. If the player is not listed on that site, we will use ESPN as our secondary site for players contracts.  We are following salaries for the previous season only (i.e: use the 2007 salaries for our 2008 season) so be sure you are looking at the correct year for a player's salary.
B)* The league minimum will increase to $400,000 to go into effect immediately at the conclusion of our 2010 season. 
     1)  This would apply to anyone who does not have a salary on our salary database site and/or anone with a salary under the KJNL league minimum.
     2)  The league minimum will then automatically increase when the MLB minimum salary reaches/crosses each subsequent $100,000 threshhold ($500,000 then $600,000 then $700,000 etc.).  This change would go into effect the following KJNL season.
C) There will be a salary cap of $95 million in the inaugural season of the KJNL Dynasty Baseball League. Each year the maximum salaries will increase by $2.5 million for each team (this will be in addition to any off-season monies received) until we reach a league ceiling of $110 million. When the ceiling is reached, teams will only be able to increase their cap via off-season monies.
*2010 GM Winter Meetings Amendment