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KJNL Dynasty Baseball League

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A.  Each mgr. will be required to build a 25 man roster from his drafted MLB team and the 10 players selected in the player draft.  Keep in mind that you can't go over your maximum salary cap in doing so.
B. The 25 man roster will be comprised of the following positions:
1.   Hitters: C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF, OF, OF, Util
2*. Pitchers: SP, SP, SP, SP, RP, RP, RP, P, P
3.   Bench: BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN
C. If a player goes on the DL (he must have a "DL" next to his name in the ESPN database), you can also put him on one of your DL spots. Each team will have 4 DL spots & 1 IR spot above the 25 man roster. While on the DL their salary will not count against your salary cap. However once the player is taken off the DL in real life you must take him off your DL. You will have 2 days to take him off or release him after he is taken off in real life.
1.  A player cannot be reactivated from the DL and placed back on the DL during the same "DL stint" that he's on in the real MLB.  This rule is to prevent the practice of reactivating a player from the DL so teams can release the player they signed to take his slot on the DL before the required two week time frame, then place the same player back on the DL.  Result would open a slot for the team to make a new move.  The signed player must stay on the roster for the two weeks before being able to be released or the reactivated player must stay on the roster even if he's still on the DL in the real MLB.
2.  If an injury replacement player goes on the DL while the player they are replacing is still on the DL, then that replacement player can be released, DL'd (if any slots are open), or demoted/waived. However, if they are DL'd or waived to Paid MiLB, they will lose their replacement status. They can be demoted without losing an option if they go on the DL while acting as an injury replacement and they were promoted as an injury replacement player. If an MiLB eligible player was signed as an injury replacement, then goes on the DL himself while performing said duty, then they cannot be demoted until the 30 day requirement governing MiLB eligible players has been met. Any player signed to fill that now open slot - due to the injury replacement player's injury - will not have injury replacement status. You do not activate the original DL'd player to do any of this.
D. If you put a player on the DL you must either call up a minor leaguer or sign a free agent to fill that spot.
E. To make a DL move you must post the following on the league message board:
1. Who you are placing on the DL
2. Who you are replacing him with
F. Each individual manager will be required and responsible for updating their own roster on the league site to reflect the most current players and their respective salaries after each move made.  The league will check each team at random times to confirm that this is being done.
G. It is recommended that each manager maintain both a roster and a transaction log for their team.
H. IR Rule (2010 GM Winter Meetings Amendment):
1) Any player who has been placed on an MLB team's 60-day DL or has been declared out for the season, can be placed on their respective KJNL team's IR roster.
     A)  Any "Out for the Season" players must be accompanied by documentation proving said status.
2)  Once a player is placed on KJNL IR, they are out for the rest of the KJNL season.  They cannot be reactivated for any reason, even if they are activated by their respective MLB team.  They can be released to FA. 
     A)  Any team that releases a player from their IR roster cannot resign that player, nor trade for said player if he was later signed by another team, until the next FA Auction.
3)  While on the IR, the player's salary will not count against a team's cap.
4)  A player may be moved from a KJNL team's regular DL to their IR roster if the requirements outlined above are met while the player was on regular DL.
*-pitching slots were amended by league vote on 12/09/08 to reflect the 4-3-2 setup
*-The 2009 GM Meetings resulted in a change to the DL rule which stated that to place a player on your DL roster, he must have a "DL" next to his name in the ESPN database.  You cannot place a player on your DL that does not have a "DL" next to his name there - whether it be during the regular or off-season.
*-"2009 GM Meetings amendment:  When a player addition (regardless of how obtained) puts you over your max. size, then you need to make it known at that time how you will be making the room when the transaction is finalized and it must be part of your post.  For trades and regular FA pick ups, the move must be immediate or the transaction will not be allowed.  If you plan on waiving a player to create the roster space, then they need to be cleared prior to the trade or the FA pick up.  For FA auction pick ups and waivers, you have 48hrs to clear the spot.  You cannot add the player obtained via auction or waiver until that spot is cleared.  However, in regards to FA pick ups (via regular or auction) and waivers, the player obtained cannot be the one moved since they need to stay on your MLB roster for the required amount of time during the regular season."