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KJNL Dynasty Baseball League

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In-Season Free Agent Signings

A. All players are eligible to be picked up, at their previous years salary (ex.: 2008 salary for our 2009 season), unless they are on another teams' minor league roster or if they have a DL or NA by them on ESPN.  A FA pickup can't put you over your cap or roster size. All teams need to keep track of their own budgets. The league will do our best to keep the league site updated and to check everyone's salary, but we are going to count on everyone in the league to keep track of their own team and to make sure they are under their cap limit.


B. MiLB eligible players must;

1. Be on their parent 25 man active MLB roster (that's the real life MLB team).

2. Stay on the active roster of the team that picked them up for 30 days before   they can be released or demoted. Should they exceed the minimum AB's or IP's in that 30 day period, then they can be waived to your paid minors or released. If demoted, they will lose an option.

3. NO MiLB player pickups of any kind (regular or injury replacements) allowed after 11:59pm ET on August 31st. September is when the rosters expand to 40 players. If allowed to pick MiLB players up in September teams out of the race would have an unfair advantage over the playoffs teams. Then the Draft would certainly be watered down for sure.

4. Pick ups for injury replacement purposes can be made prior to the Aug 31st deadline with the following exceptions to the above guidelines. They can be released prior to the 30 day period if the DL'd person is activated. They cannot be demoted prior to the completion of the 30 day period even if the DL'd person is activated. This will eliminate any possible loophole of DL'ing a player for a couple days, picking up a MiLB player, then demoting them after only a couple days. Obviously they can also just be kept up on your active roster after the DL'd person is activated or the 30 days expires.

5. Any MiLB eligible player cannot be picked up in the KJNL league during the same year that they were drafted in real life. In other words, they must be available in at least one year of our draft. You cannot pickup a player in the 2009 KJNL season who was drafted by a real MLB team in the 2009 draft.

C. All non-MiLB eligible players will follow the two week guideline. The exception being injury replacements who can be released or waived prior to that if the DL'd player is activated.


D. Each team is limited to 5 FA moves per week. Injury moves do not count towards your limit.