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KJNL Dynasty Baseball League

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Minor Leagues
A. During every off-season we will hold a 5 round minor league draft. The draft order will be the opposite of the previous year's final regular season standings.
1. During the minor league draft you may draft only players who are under the 300/100 limits. (The limits were amended to 300/100 per the 2009 GM Meetings.)
B. Each team may hold up to but no more than 25 minor leaguers in their system.
1. A player will stay in your minor league system until he is either traded, released, runs out of options or becomes ineligible because of at bats or innings pitched.
2. If a player gets more than 300 at bats or 100 innings pitched he is no longer eligible to be on your minor league roster. You must call him up or he will become a free agent at the end of the season in which he reaches the limits.
3. Each minor league player gets 3 options. An option is the amount of times the player can be called up to the Majors without losing the rights to that player. Injury promotions do not count as an option but you must state in your post that he is an injury call up. Also, all players promoted to cover an injured player must stay up in the majors until the player he was called up for comes off the DL. If he is demoted early, that player will lose an option. When a player runs out of options he will become a FA unless you choose to keep him on your Major League team.
C. To call up a minor leaguer you must make a post stating which player you are calling up and who you are dropping.
D. To demote a minor leaguer you must state which player you are adding and that you are demoting that minor leaguer. If you say you're dropping him then you will lose your rights to that player so make sure you state that you are demoting him.
E. All players drafted in the MLB Draft or signed in the FA auction that start out the season, in real life, in the minor leagues must stay on your MLB roster for a month into the regular season. Those players will have a NA by their name. After a month they can be demoted but will lose a minor league option.
F.  There will be no demotions/promotions allowed until after all drafts have been completed and all rosters updated and verified.  The league office will post when demotions/promotions are allowed for those players not falling under section E above.