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KJNL Dynasty Baseball League

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A. The off-season will begin as soon as the major league playoffs end. There will be a short period during which all rosters will be frozen and there will be no roster moves allowed, other than to clear your DL.  Each mgr. will be required to update their players' salaries to reflect the upcoming season's figures.  The league will then check, confirm, email any required corrections, award off-season monies, and update all teams' total salaries & cap room.  All teams have to be at 25 players or less before proceeding into the off-season.  Once all rosters have been updated and confirmed, roster moves will be allowed.
B. You may not make a trade that will put you over your maximum cap.
C. At the end of the playoffs, cash will be given to reward teams for their performance:
1. Teams eliminated in 1st round will receive $250,000
2. Teams eliminated in 2nd round will receive $500,000
3. The second place team will receive $1,000,000
4. The World Series Champ will receive $1,500,000
5. 25,000 for each win during regular season
6. Managers receiving Manager Awards will receive $250,000
7. Managers receiving Player Awards will receive $250,000
D. No team can earn more than $2,500,000 in bonuses.
E. Every team's salary must be under its maximum cap before the season starts and they must have a full 25 man roster.
F.  2009 GM Meetings ammendment:  All teams are required to clear their DL rosters and enter the off-season with a 25 man roster and zero DL players.  If you have players that are still injured or will be starting the next season on the DL, you must have them on your MLB roster and not your DL.  You can only place players on the DL that have a "DL" next to their name in the ESPN database.