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KJNL Dynasty Baseball League

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Trades/Vetoes, Coverages, Clauses
I.  Trades/Vetoes
A. When you and another team complete a trade you must post it on the message board and that you accept it. You must also offer/accept the trade on ESPN.  Coverage & clauses can be utilized in most cases.  As of the 2011 GM Meetings, permanent "cash" will no longer be an option in trading.
B. You may not make a trade that puts you over your max cap or the maximum roster size. If you are receiving a number of players that will put you over the max. roster size, you must post in the trade who you will be releasing and/or demoting (if demotion is an option for any players in the deal or on your current roster) in order to not exceed the 25 man roster limit.
C. Minor league draft picks and players can be traded, but clauses can't be put on them.
D. To veto a trade, you can e-mail a league official, post on the message board, or send a league official a message on AIM/YIM. All vetoes have to include a reason or they won't count. The final decision will come down to the league office's decision.
II. Player Coverage
A. You may provide coverage in trades. An example of coverage is:
1. I trade X player with 2 million coverage for 1 year.
B. All coverage deals must state the length of the coverage, amount per year, & who the coverage is tied to.
C. The players coverage will be voided if he is traded or released from the receiving team. Also coverage can be opted out of by the receiving team at any time.  Player coverage cannot exceed their salary for any given year within the length of coverage and must be tied to a player.
D.  General Coverage as it applies to draft picks - Numbers listed are max. allowed and all can be for up to a 2 year period (so the total would be for example $5M for 2yrs = $10M).

$5M for 1st rounder
$4M for 2nd rounder
$3M for 3rd rounder
$2M for 4th rounder
$1M for 5th rounder

E.  General Coverage can be given in any transaction that does not involve a draft pick or a MiLB player who does not have MLB experience without being tied to any player/pick for a max. limit of 2yrs/$20M total.
III. Clauses
A. Clauses are usually injury or performance related but can be about anything. An example would be:
1. If X player fails to start 25 games this season then I give you my 2nd rd pick
B. Just like with coverage, clauses become void if the player involved is traded or released from the receiving team.
*Coverage rules amended to reflect changes agreed upon during the 2011 GM Meetings.