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KJNL Dynasty Baseball League

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Off-Season Free Agent Auction
A. All players not on anyone's major or minor league teams are eligible for the auction at the end of the off-season. A team cannot re-sign any player that they dropped during the off-season for less than their actual salary.
B. To make a bid on a player you can do one of two things:
  1.  If it is a new player auction, then you must create a new thread with that player's name/team/pos as the subject.  In the body you can place your bid.
  2. If it is an existing player auction, then you just need to post a reply to the original thread with your bid.
C. The minimum bid for a player is 1/2 of what their salary is listed at. The minumum increase in a bid is $100,000.
D. To win the player you must make the highest bid. You cannot go over your salary cap to win a player, but you can go over your roster limit. If you win a player that puts you over your max. roster size, then you must post who you are releasing/demoting in order to open up a roster spot for that player.  Also, your bid must be the highest bid for 48 hours.
E.  Any player won in auction will have the winning bid as their salary for that year only.  After that, if the team decides to keep him, his salary will be that of his actual salary as shown in the player salary database.  Example:  Team A wins Joe Blow in auction for $5mil., his salary for our upcoming season will be $5,000,000.  The following year, Joe Blow's salary, if retained by Team A, will be his actuall salary of $8,000,000 (or whatever his previous year's salary is listed at on the database site).  If a player won in auction is dropped during the season by the winning team, then any team that wishes to pick that player up will pay his actual salary - not the winning auction bid salary.  If a player is traded by the winning team during the same year, then that player's salary for the new team is still the auction price.  Also, the 1 consecutive regular season month requirement transfers to the new team.
F.  Any player won in the auction cannot be demoted to the minors (if he's under the limit), waived to the Paid MiLB roster (if over the limits),* or released until he has been on your MLB roster for 1 consecutive regular season month.  If demoted or waived*, his auction salary will still count against your team cap.
G.  This section referes to those players on your current roster that will start the regular season on the DL.  Once the regular season starts, they must have the "DL" next to their name and be put on your DL. Once they are put on your DL, you can pick up the guy you won in auction to take that slot. If they cannot be put on the DL, then you must either drop them to make room for anyone won in auction or keep them and drop someone else to make that room.
      1.  You can go over your 25 man roster, but not your cap, if you have guys that will be on your DL at the season's start. The DL player's salary will not count against your cap until they come off the DL. Then you'll need to make room on your roster and under your cap for them.
H. The auction period will last until all bidding has ended for 48 hours.  After that, you will be allowed to drop, promote,  and demote players, but you won't be able to add players until the season begins. Teams that don't have a full 25 man roster are allowed to add players at their real price until their roster is full.  All rosters must be filled by opening day.
"*Amended per 2009 GM Meetings"