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KJNL Dynasty Baseball League

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A. Our league is separated into two conferences with two divisions each. Each division winner will make the playoffs along with the 4 wild card teams (2 from each league).
B. Playoff format will follow ESPN's standard two-division playoff format:

Week 1 - ALDS & NLDS:
*Per the 2010 GM Winter Meetings Amendment, the #1 Conference Seed Choice rule will determine Week 1's matchups as follows:
    1) The team with the best record in each conference shall be allowed to choose which team they play in the first round of the playoffs. 
       A) The choices must be submitted during the last week of the regular season.
       B) Any team that may finish as the #1 seed in their conference would each submit a list of all teams in their league that can still make the playoffs in the order they would like to play them.
      C) The eventual #1 Seed will play the top team on their list that makes the playoffs.
      D) Should the #1 Conference Seed fail to submit a list, then normal league rules will determine the matchup.
Week 2-  ALCS & NLCS
Week 3 - World Series
C. Tiebreakers
The tiebreaker sytem for the playoffs will follow the same format as the regular season.
D.  There will be no free agent signings allowed during the playoffs.  Only call-ups from your minor league system will be allowed.