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KJNL Dynasty Baseball League

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Paid Minor Leaguers

Minor Leagues Rule Amendment

“Paid Minor League Players”

I)       You may demote any player, who is under the 300/100 limit, on your major league roster to your minor league roster (providing they have options left).  The minor league rules and free agent auction rules sections still apply.

II)     You will be allowed to demote players above the 300/100 limit under the following guidelines:

a)      There will be a maximum of 2 above limit/paid minor league players allowed in your minor leagues at any given time.  No team will be allowed to go above this maximum number for any reason.

b)      Any player sent down will need to clear waivers first.  Post your intention to demote that player in the Waivers thread on the board.  Use the player’s name, position, & MLB team as the subject for your post.  In the body of the post, state your intention of waiving him for the purpose of placing him in your minors and the player’s salary.  There will then be a 48hr window where any team can submit a waiver claim on that player.

i)        If there are no claims at the end of the 48hr window, then that player will be assigned to your minor league roster as a paid minor leaguer.

ii)       If there is a claim placed, then the team who put the player on waivers has the option of pulling that player off waivers and keeping them on their major league roster.  This decision must be posted under that player’s thread within 24 hrs of the end of the 48hr window.  It can be posted as soon as the first claim though.

(1)   Should the team decide not to exercise that option, then the team placing the waiver claim will be awarded that player at their presently used salary figure.  This will either be the salary from the year the league is using or the auction salary if the player was won in the Free Agent Auction in the current KJNL season.  This player must stay on your roster for one consecutive regular season calendar month before they can be released, waived, or demoted (per the 2009 GM Meetings).  If the player is demoted or waived, their salary will still count against your cap.

(2)   If there is more than one team placing a waiver claim, then the team with the worst record is awarded the player.  This player must stay on your roster for two weeks before they can be released.  You may demote or waive them, but in either case their salary will still count against your cap.

c)      All above limits players will have one option only each season.  Meaning they can only be sent down and called up once per baseball season.  Once a player is out of options in a season, they must either stay on your MLB roster or be released (if you don’t want them anymore).

d)      The salary of any player demoted under this rule will count against your team cap while they are on your minor league roster.

i)        You may not go over your cap in demoting a player under this rule.

e)      You will need to have room on your paid minor league roster for these players.  Each team will have 2 slots for "Paid MiLB'ers".  These slots are above and beyond the 25 regular minor league slots utlized for those under the limits.  You cannot exceed this 2 max. limit, nor can you use any of those 25 regular slots for "Paid MiLB'ers".

Section E has been ammended per the 2009 GM Meetings"

f)        You may demote a player who is on the DL.

i)        A player on the DL must occupy one of the three DL slots on your major league roster, occupy an active slot on your major league roster, or be waived to the minors.

ii)       The salary of a player who is on your major league level DL will not count against your cap.  The salary of a player on the DL who has been waived while on the DL will count against your cap.

g)      A player demoted under this rule who goes on the DL in real life after being demoted, will be allowed to occupy one of your three DL slots under the following stipulation:

i)        It will burn that player’s option.

(1)   In this case, the player’s salary will not count against your cap.

III)    It is the responsibility of each team owner to adjust their team spreadsheets to factor in these Paid Minor Leaguers.  The league will also adjust the league workbook to reflect this for each team.  However, the league will not take responsibility should you exceed your roster size or cap.  Each manager must track their own team’s roster and financials and up date with each transaction.


IV)  A player who has been sent through waivers and is on a team's Paid MiLB roster, may be called up to take the place of a DL player and not have to be sent back through waivers to be put back on the Paid MiLB.

a)  Teams can only do this once per season with the same Paid MiLB player.  If that same player is called up again in the same season for a DL'd player, then that Paid MiLB player will lose his waiver option and will not be allowed to be sent back through waivers again, or placed back on the Paid MiLB, in that same season.

b)  The roster spot that the Paid MiLB player held before being called up as a DL replacement must remain open or the player will not be able to be sent back down or sent through waivers again in the same season.

c)  The called up Paid MiLB player must be sent down immediately once the DL'd player is reactivated.  If not, the Paid MiLB player will not be able to be sent back down or sent through waivers again in the same season.

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